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      Data Storytelling & Visualization

      Program Summary

      Data Storytelling & Visualisation for Finance & Strategy Professionals Unlock the Power to Communicate with Impact.

      1. Influence Stakeholders by Selecting the Right Data Visualization and Key Business Insights 
      2. Gain a Competitive Edge by Becoming a Data-Driven Visual Storyteller
      3. Mitigate Financial Risks by Understanding Trends, Patterns and Insights 
      4. Master Data Explanation and Selecting the Key Messages 
      5. 23 March 2024 
      6. Duration: 8 Hours, over 2 days Saturday & Sunday 

      Limited Seats Available! Join Us and Transform Your Finance Career!

      Program Overview

      • Technology has given us a greater amount of data along with more sophisticated visualisation tools, yet data cannot speak for itself. Finance professional have to learn the best practices in data visualisation and master the art of storytelling by understanding how to use the combination of data, visuals and narrative that are available today. This will enable Finance professionals to build impactful data stories, influence decision makers and lead clear change as trusted business advisors.

      • The program is designed for Finance professionals who want to develop the skills of data storytelling that may find it challenging to create and present visualizations that are visually appealing ,user friendly and well-received by audience.

      • Data storytelling is one of most sought after skill in almost all mid to senior level roles in accounting and finance globally.

      • After completing this module, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to deliver impactful stories with data.

      Who Should Attend?

      • Highly Recommended For CFOs, Finance Business Partners, FP&As, Financial Reporting Professionals Or Anyone Who Is Planning And Aspiring To present data in an effective way.

      Key Outcomes

      • Transform Your Traditional Financial Reporting Into Impactful Reporting By Leveraging Data Storytelling Skills That Influence The Decision Making And Impact The Performance Of Your Business.

      About Trainer

      • Mohamed ELRouby
      • Global Finance & Strategy Expert

      Learning Objectives

      1. Detect and articulate the stories behind data sets and communicate data finding in visual, oral, and written contexts for various audience and public.
      2. Apply data visualization best practices to their work, including choosing the right chart type for the situation and avoiding visualization techniques that can mislead an audience. 

      3. Effectively present data visually to enhance audience comprehension of findings and insight.
      4. Act as a data-driven visual storyteller for optimal presentation of trends, patterns and insights. 

      5. Effectively communicate insights about data in various formats, including oral presentations, written reports and interactive visualizations.

      Program Content

      Why Should You
      Choose Us ?

      The Importance Of Data Story

      1.1 The essence of data story telling
      1.2 Exploratory & explanatory data analysis and visualization
      1.3 Understanding the context
      1.4 Transform numbers into narrative
      1.5 Integrate data, context, visuals and narrative

      Building Your Data Story

      2.1 The components of impactful data story
      2.2 Building data story process – Step By Step

      Data Story Visualization

      3.1 Select an effective visual for data story
      3.2 Data visualization best practices

      Presenting A Memorable Data Story

      4.1 Focusing on one story and one big idea
      4.2 Knowing your audience, Speaking their language
      4.3 Giving the audience reason to care about the story
      4.4 Explaining the data with context and story behind it
      4.5 Powerful Storytelling techniques
      4.6 The rule of 3
      4.7 Practicing your data storytelling skills

      Transforming For The Future With HOFT